Visual Echoes: A Photograph Collage Series

Each collage consists of hundreds of pieces and/or layers, constructed using anywhere from 25 to 75 individual photographs. Most of the subjects to date have been urban scenes: train stations, familiar streets, architectural landmarks or popular destinations. Recently, I have been experimenting with landscapes and collages of small western towns.

Initially influenced (transported, is more like it) by David Hockney's "joiners" and photocollages, I experiment with digital techniques for combining photograph fragments. It is an intuitive process, beginning with the image capture stage, all the way through--months later--to the recreated scene. Each collaged image is about what is happening in the specific place, and often about the people who pass through the space during a particular time when I was present too. I am fascinated by the ways in which strangers share not only the place, but its appealing, evocative nature as well.

The collages are also about sensing; how the (or, at least, my) brain works to assemble bits and pieces of information it perceives into a coherent whole--that resembles, but can never exactly replicate, what is actually there, including the emotional charge. And they are about patterns, about how the mind searches for the familiar, while trying to make sense of what is new; and to find a place for that, alongside what it already knows. It is a process that is iterative, dynamic, static random, orderly, musical, mathematical, chaotic and even magical, all at the same time; yet somehow we understand it, at least on some level.